Skinny/Fat/Small/Big Shaming

‘#bulking #squats #fitspo’ 

I recently came across an instapost that skinny-shamed people in possession of penuses that were skinny because the right exercised was the right to ‘laze’ around in one’s humble casa.

Sure, there was backlash. The sense of humility was voiced but it was drowned out because said instaposter was glorified for his beliefs. 

Now, you’re probably wondering. Why the fuck should a skinny girl who can still stay quite skinny with a huge appetite have anything to say about this? Why the fuck should you listen to her? Why should said skinny girl have the right to say anything about how I choose to treat my body? 

Not your problem also, you pretentious bitch. Just shut up and ogle because you know like it.’

Who wouldn’t tap that perky ass? Who wouldn’t appreciate washboard abs? 

You would. I would. I so definitely would. 

So what the fuck is my issue? 

It kills me. It really does. I just can’t. I just can’t. 

I could never bring myself to endorse such beliefs because they only serve to perpetuate the idea that ANYBODY can do it. 

Sure, it is conviction. It is strong will. You didn’t get to where you are today if you didn’t give it your best. 

But why? Why CHOOSE to rely on such shallow beliefs to fuel your dream of achieving optimum body fat levels? 

It’s a privilege that you have. It is a choice. 

‘You just said it. I choose to make that choice so you can fuck off.’

Tough luck, champ. 

Anger, frustration and believing that you’re weak if you don’t do that extra squat will not bring you far. 

I’ve done that. I still do that sometimes. 

But I’m (we’re) not weak. It’s just an off day. 

You have your good and bad days. You don’t have to skinny/fat/small/big shame yourself. And the rest of the world that may not have the socially acceptable ideals of physical aesthetics that you and your little legion of fans think you have. 



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